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Meatball Recipe

Without a doubt one of the very best meals you can make with ground beef, chicken, pork or turkey are meatballs.

There are just so many different meatball recipe options to choose from that you could literally have meatballs once a week for years and never run out of choices.

So what we’ve done here is tried to gather together a whole bunch of different meatballs recipes in one place. We’ve tried not to double up on recipes – yes we know there are a lot of different ways to make Swedish meatballs, but if you’re that keen to try out different Swedish meatballs recipes then you’ll have to hunt them all down yourself and test them out one by one.

Instead what we’ve tried to do is find unique flavor combinations that you might never of thought of trying in a meatballs recipe. This will no doubt mean there are going to be some recipes here that are of no interest to you at all.

But there are also going to be some that you just have to try – the name alone is going to provoke your curiosity and before you know it you’ll be off to you local butcher for a pound of ground beef.

And I know this is a website about ground beef recipes, and some of these recipes call for other types of meat but DAMMIT they all sound so tasty I just had to throw them in.

Our Own Meatball Recipes

  • Juicy Braised Meatballs With Szechuan Sauce

    This recipe is for those people keen to try out some Asian flavors with their meatballs. Szechuan dishes have always been a favorite of mine and if you’re like me your going to love this recipe.

    Check Out This Recipe

  • Crock Pot Meatballs With Cranberry Sauce

    Cooking meatballs in a crock pot gives them extra time to really soak up the flavors of whatever sauce you’ve got them cooking in…and in this case it’s a cranberry sauce which is an awesome match with the meat.

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  • Meatballs With Traffic Light Peppers

    This is a great looking and tasting dish dish full of plenty of colors and flavors.

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  • Quinoa Parmesan Meatballs With Fettuccine Marinara

    This meatball recipe is definitely a favorite of mine – it has some of my favorite flavors with the Parmesan cheese and the smokiness of the bacon in the marinara matching up nicely with the Quinoa.

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Meatballs Recipes From Celebrity Chefs

  • Tony Danza's Sunday Sauce with Meatballs Recipe

    Obviously Tony’s not so much a ‘celebrity chef’ as a celebrity who rates themself as a chef. Whatever the case he makes some tasty meatballs – and he actually uses pork spare ribs as part of the sauce which is an interesting approach.

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  • Jamie Oliver's Swedish Meatballs Recipe

    There was no way we were going to create a list of recipes about meatballs and not include a recipe for Swedish meatballs, so we figured we might as well get a recipe from a top chef – but we got one from Jamie Oliver instead. Pukka.

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  • Marc Vetris Sal's Old-School Meatballs

    Marc Vetri is a top chef who specializes in Italian food and these meatballs are a good example of simple Italian cooking done well.

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  • Gordon Ramsay's Meatballs In Tomato Sauce

    Geez Gordon Ramsay’s an angry man sometimes…makes good food though.

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  • Rachel Ray's Florentine Meatballs

    These meatballs are delicious on their own, but Rachel also includes directions for a cheese sauce to pour over the top and the results are spectacular.

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  • Mario Batali's Neapolitan Meatballs

    A very traditional dish with a little twist – toasted pine nuts.

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  • Henry Hill's Meatballs - Goodfellas Meatball Video and Recipe

    If you’re a movie fan then you’ll remember the scene from Goodfella’s well – Henry Hill telling the audience about dinner in prison – ‘A pasta course followed by a meat or a fish’. Tough times.

    Well it turns out that there was a book released by the real Henry Hill called The Wiseguy Cookbook, and it included this meatball recipe. Enjoy.

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I haven’t added any info for the recipes below just yet – but you should be able to tell from the titles what they’re all about and whether or not they’re the sort of meatball dish you’d enjoy eating.

Around The World In A Dozen Meatball Recipes


A Whole Bunch Of Other Recipes For Meatballs

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My husband LOVES trying new ways of cooking meatballs so this list is going to keep him happy for a long time to come.

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You can never have too many recipes for meatballs when you\'ve got three boys under the age of 12.

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Thanks for taking the time to put this together - some tasty sounding recipes here. Looking forward to testing a few out.

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